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    Ukko 2.1m dia Cedar spa in Fairlight, NSW

    2.1m diameter tub
    One of the biggest Ukko tubs installed in Sydney suburb.
    This 2.1m diameter Cedar tub features gas heater that tucked away on the side under the stairs that lead to the upper level of the backyard. 10 strong massage air jets will reduce any painful kink you may have after a long day at work out of your shoulders and the back.
    Tub top view
    Tub from the top view with insulated cover…
    Ukko newly designed octagonal sitting arrangement makes this tub more spacy and ideal for a deep water hydrotherapy exercise.
    Our kids love this tub. It is almost impossible to get them out… – commented Damian, a proud owner of Ukko tub, after we asked for the feedback.
    Tub with cover
    Closer look at the tub with surrounding custom made deck
    In addition to the therapeutic benefits that our tubs provide, Damian and his family, will be enjoying deep soaking and immersion even in colder months. Our tubs are over 1m deep providing you nice and comfortable soaking with hot bubbly water right up to your chin. You too can have the same experience especially with our Easter offer running at the moment. Check it out on our website “Specials” page for more information….

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