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    Ukko Barrel Sauna in Woronora Heights, NSW

    Ukko Barrel Sauna
    2.1m length Ukko Cedar Barrel sauna assembled
    This traditional hot rock barrel sauna was installed yesterday in Southern Sydney by Ukko Saunas production team. It is 2.1m long to allow its owners, Gerald and Isabelle, to fully lay down and relax during the sauna session. It features 2 full length benches on the sides of the barrel and a big window at the back for a pleasant viewing:
    Barrel sauna back window
    Big window on the back wall of the barrel sauna
    This particular model comes with 6.0kW electric stainless steel hot rock sauna heater and rocks. Controls of the stove are mounted in front to make it easier for owners to setup time and temperature:
    6.0kW stainless steel sauna electric heater
    6.0kW electric heater with built-in controls in front
    Isabelle and I couldn’t have asked for more. It absolutely beautiful and unique. You did a great job… Thank you so much! – wrote Gerald in his sms text after sauna installation.
    Many people have asked how difficult it is to install so we decided to put few pictures from the actual barrel sauna installation… First step is to mount the sauna base on the floor and lay few staves to cover the curve:
    Sauna base with bottom staves
    Barrel sauna base with bottom staves
    Next mount pre-assembled back and front walls…
    Barrel sauna back wall
    Barrel sauna back wall mounted to the bottom staves
    Sauna front wall
    Barrel sauna front wall mounted to the bottom staves
    Sauna back and front walls
    Ideally this should look something like this…
    Once both walls are in position, simply continue with the rest of the staves so the end result will be similar to this:
    Barrel sauna front view before placing rings
    Front view of the barrel before placing rings…
    Sauna back view before placing rings
    Back view of the barrel before placing the rings…
    Once all this is done, put stainless steel bands and tighten them up to finish barrel installation:
    Barrel installation is done by tightening rings
    Finished barrel with stainless steel rings in place…
    Then mount bench supports to your liking height and put benches inside the sauna:
    Sauna benches in place
    Positioning sauna benches…
    Don’t forget to get “sparky” to wire your sauna heater and lights. That’s it to it. Enjoy your sauna!