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    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna Cabin and Cedar tub are installed in Warrnambool, VIC

    Just before this year’s Christmas, we’ve driven a long 1100km way to a nice small city in Victoria – Warrnambool. As we arrived early in the morning and checked in to the hotel in a nearby town, we went straight up to the site, unloaded both the sauna and the hot tub, installing the cabin on the first day!
    Ukko Sauna Cabin
    Cabin is installed and ready for electrician to hookup.

    This sauna features:

    Cabin - top view
    It also came with complete roof packages including bitumen shingles.
    For the next 3 days, we worked on a huge 2.2m diameter Cedar tub and its custom-made enclosure:
    Tub enclosure framework
    It took us a while to put together framework for the tub enclosure.
    This tub is a part of our “Enviro” range and we were impressed with how fast the gas heater took to get up to 38 degrees (under 3 hours, which is very fast considering that there’s about 3000 liters of water).
    Complete Ukko tub with enclosure and steps.
    We also built Cedar steps for it.
    Well, it was hard work for us and we thank you John, Liz and kids for your great help and support during this installation.

    Call us on 0425 230 785 to inquire about your sauna or tub today.

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