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    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna in Theodore, ACT

    This is another example how Ukko Cedar Log Sauna can be installed as a stand alone unit outdoor. This 2×1.5m sauna was supplied with 8.0kW SAWO heater for the best sauna experience. Below is what Steffen and Ramona M. from suburb located in ACT – Theodore commented on their recently installed Ukko sauna:
    We are very happy with our sauna, my husband has build a nice roof and deck ,the sauna looks perfect in our backyard.

    Ukko Cedar Log sauna
    Ukko Cedar Log sauna installed outdoor on the deck.

    Ukko Cedar Log Sauna 2x1.5m
    Ukko Log Sauna from another view.

    Ukko Log Sauna
    Front view of Ukko Western Red Cedar Log Sauna.