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    1.8m dia Ukko Cedar Tub delivered to Seaforth, NSW

    Ukko Cedar economy tub
    Tub test fitted at the factory
    This tub has 900mm height staves – we call it “Economy” range. It comes complete with 3kW electric heater, 8 jets and all plumbing. Plus we supplied electronic sanitazation – Ozonator and UV lamp. All the holes are pre-drilled at the factory and staves are numbered. So all you have to do is to follow the sequence when installing:
    Ukko Cedar Tub with jets
    Jets, skimmer/suction and ozonator holes are pre-drilled at the factory
    Customer also ordered optional WiFi module to control equipment via Mobile devices (Apple or Android) via Internet:
    Ukko WiFi module
    WiFi module to control the tub via Internet. Ideal for holiday homes
    Benches were supplied at 220mm height (standard for economy tubs) with step down. Please keep in mind that while it is 1.8m diameter tub, it is not for 8 people. You would need more leg space so it becomes 4 person tub:
    Ukko standard hexagonal benches with step down
    Hexagonal standard benches with step down
    And this tub was flat packed and delivered to Seaforth NSW on Saturday last week:
    Ukko flat packed hot tub
    Tub flat packed and delivered

    Call us if you are looking to install your hot tub on

    0425 230 785!

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