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    Heat Pump Cedar Tubs

    Cedar hot tub with 1.4kW heat pump producing up to 5.5kW heating capacity.

    These tubs come complete with modern touchpad controls and air jets. Added benefit of demand cooling during warmer months.

    The heatpump is very economical to run but requires more space for installation. Refer to “Hot tub building configurations” for more information.

    1.4m dia tub

    1.4m dia Modern range tub

    Price: 19, 760

    1.6m dia tub

    Modern range hot tubs

    Price: $20,730

    1.8m dia tub

    Modern range hot tubs

    Price: 21,970

    We manufacture all tubs in our factory in south coast of NSW and can make your tub to any size. Please contact us if you require your tub to be of different size to the ones above for a quote.

    • What's Included:
    • Extra Options:
    • Technical Specs:


    • floor with treated joists
    • Cedar Staves @ 1.2m height
    • 3x304L grade stainless steel straps with rods & nuts
    • Hexagonal bi-level hand finished seats with step-down
    • 99mm Marine grade vinyl cover with child proof locks
    • Adjustable commercial hydro massage jets
    • Top skimmer and bottom suction assemblies
    • Adjustable silent air control valves
    • Heatpump with controller, bypass assembly and digital touchpad
    • 2 speed pump
    • Filter and cartridge
    • All plumbing including PVC pipes, valves and connections
    • Assembly manuals and instructions

    Tub Images:

    Hot tub top view

    Tub assembled with custom enclosure and steps

    Bubbles in the tub

    Tub jets at work

    Tub cover with child proof locks

    Heatpump connected to the tub

    Heatpump connected to the tub