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    Ukko Hot Tub and Barrel Sauna in Bungendore, NSW

    Ukko Cedar hot tub and barrel sauna
    Q-series 1.6m dia tub and 2.4m long barrel sauna
    We just came back from Bungendore near Canberra where our team installed electric 1.6m diameter tub with custom made Cedar enclosure and stairs. Stairs were extended to make it easier to get in to the tub and supplied with a matching Cedar rail.
    Filled tub with water
    Tub just filled with water and started to heat…
    Enclosure was designed to be space efficient and at the same time making all plumbing and equipment accessible via removable Cedar door on the side:
    Enclosure Cedar door
    Side door with handle for tub maintenance
    And 2.4m long Ukko barrel sauna featuring glass door in Cedar frame, 6.0kW stainless steel sauna heater with rocks and built-in controls:
    Ukko Barrel Sauna
    2.4m barrel sauna assembled under the patio…
    6.0kW sauna heater with built-in controls and rocks...
    6.0kW sauna heater with built-in controls and rocks…