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    Ukko Log Sauna Cabin Work in Progress

    Here are some pictures from work in progress on our first Ukko Cedar Log Cabin 2.3 x 3.2m with porch and wood fired heater:
    Ukko Log Cabin Base
    Putting together cabin base
    Ukko Cabin Sauna floor
    Assembling sauna floor
    Ukko Cabin walls
    Assembling cabin walls
    Cabin Front Wall
    Putting front wall with the door opening
    Cabin walls
    All cabin walls are done!
    Ukko cabin with roof
    Cabin roof with fascias are done too!
    Cabin front porch deck
    Assembling front cabin porch deck…
    Ukko cabin front verranda
    Cabin front porch is finally done!
    Ukko self filling sauna bucket
    This sauna will be supplied with self filling 20L sauna bucket!

    Log sauna cabins are now our new product line and if you are interested please contact us.