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    Ukko Sauna installed in St Leonards, VIC

    This sauna was built out of Finnish Spruce with the glass sauna door in Cedar frame. Due to the space restriction it was decided to put up 1.5×1.5m Ukko NARVA series corner sauna.
    Here are the pictures of our finished Finnish Sauna! Our electrician finished the installation yesterday and I was in the sauna yesterday afternoon. It was magnificent, to say the least. Tonight, after our son went to bed, both Steve and I had our first sauna together since 2003! Won’t ever have to wait that long again… We couldn’t be happier with our sauna and I can feel the benefits already in my damaged shoulder and neck – reduced pain and tension from chronic pain. If anyone thinks this is a luxury, maybe it is, but to us it will now be a way of life we love. – Naomi and Steve A.
    Corner space for Ukko Sauna
    Before - the location for our 1.5 x 1.5 corner Narva
    Corner Sauna installed
    Even overlapping the window slightly isn't an issue because there is plenty of space for air circulation and it adds to the view from inside.
    Sauna Lampshade
    The light in action.
    Sauna Heater
    The first heat up with the wonderful cedar heater rail - it does smell wonderful too!

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