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    Ukko Saunas installed in Bemboka, NSW

    Ukko wood fired sauna 2.5x2m
    Ukko wood fired sauna with wood fired heater and chimney pack
    This custom made Ukko Cedar log sauna was designed for wood fired heater setup. Ken, the customer, specifically asked this sauna to be large enough to fit wood burning heater and 3 benches to form an L-shape on the upper level:
    Ukko sauna floor plan with wood fired stove
    Sauna floor plan
    Due to relatively long distance from the main house and availability of the wood, the owner decided not to use electricity at all. To solve the problem with the light inside the sauna, he decided to use lanterns instead:
    Lantern mounted inside the sauna under the ceiling
    3 lanterns were mounted on each corner of the sauna (except one corner where the heater was installed) to provide a very relaxing light in to the room…
    The shower has been designed and engineered to provide high-flow from its attendant rainwater tank. There is a large concrete basin underneath the deck to drain the water away:
    Attached shower to water tank
    Attached shower to an existing water tank…
    I’m very pleased with the quality of the sauna, the materials and how everything fitted together. – said Ken after sauna installation…
    We thank Ken for his input and ideas on how to improve our product and sending us all those pictures.
    Wood fired heater with protective shield
    Wood fired sauna stove with protective shield and floor bedding

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