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    Ukko Saunas supplies wood fired sauna heaters.

    Ukko Saunas is starting to supply a range of high quality low cost wood fired sauna heaters in to Australia and New Zealand. Below is one of the smallest models you can order for your domestic sauna.

    Wood Fired Sauna StoveNew compact size wood burning sauna stove is an ideal investment for any Finnish sauna or Russian “Banya” enthusiast.

    Save on your electricity bills and use this alternative environmentally friendly solution for your sauna.

    An original compact design of the “COMPI” wood burning sauna heater allows it to be installed into a small or medium size family sauna from 6 to 10m³.

    Choose from two models – COMPI or COMPI “B” with built-in hot water tank for Turkish or Russian bath experience. This extra 24L water tank heats up the water up to the boiling temperature very quick. Despite its space saving size, this compact sauna heater possesses a truly unique feature of high speed heating at very low levels of firewood consumption.

    Stove features and benefits:

    • No electricity required (Big $$$ savings over long time)
    • Compact Size – heater can be placed into the smallest sauna rooms
    • Economical – Low firewood consumption
    • Little extra – 24L built-in hot water tank for better sauna experience
    • Durability and light weight – Complete stainless steel and cast-iron materials.

    Technical specifications :

    • Weight: 37kg standard / 43kg “B” (with water tank)
    • Max hot rocks: 30Kg (supplied)
    • Stove volume: 40L
    • Chimney min height: 3m (supplied with sparks suppressor)
    • Chimney diameter: 115mm
    Commercial wood sauna stoves are also available. Contact us for more information.