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    Ukko Saunas [TM] introduces INTEREST FREE finance!

    As a result of Ukko Saunas[TM] efforts, we now provide – up to 24 month NO DEPOSIT INTEREST FREE FINANCE to all Ukko customers (subject to approval)

    This facility gives access to finance that makes paying for sauna purchase very easy and manageable.

    • Purchase on No DEPOSIT, No INTEREST terms within specified period.
    • Low minimum monthly commitment.
    • One account for purchases.
    • Purchase multiple times with no need for additional applications.
    • Easy access to additional cash if required.
    • Fast approvals. (Standard applications can take as little as ten minutes)

    It is flexible and very convenient arrangement with only 3% monthly minimum repayment. If this month is tough, you can catch up with the payment in the next one. Just make sure you pay it off by the end of the term otherwise it will become interest bearing (26.95%).

    Partial finance is also available!


    Say you want to reduce your repayments and you have 2,000.00 AUD in hand – We are happy to provide interest free finance for the rest of the purchase price. For more information do not hesitate to contact Alex on 0425 230 785 or email him to