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    Ukko Saunas & Tubs supplies alternative healthy cleaning products for spas, hot tubs and swimming pools.

    Ukko Saunas & Tubs, Arndell Park NSW

    Ukko Saunas & Tubs is proud to announce a range of alternative products to chlorine and bromine to sanitize water in hot tubs, spas and pools.

    Modern pool owners are ensuring that they use non-chlorine and non-bromine chemical solutions in the spas, spa baths and swimming pools.Ukko Tubs has a range of products specifically formulated to be the “healthy alternative”.

    These products are produced to strict quality standards and are designed to be kind to asthmatics, gentle on sensitive skin and, to protect the environment, whereas chlorine and bromine have been proven to have caused the hole in the ozone layer. According to NASA scientists chlorine and bromine continually emit particles which collect on the clouds and give off gasses, which create the hole.

    These alternative products have been endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ as the “Sensitive Choice” in pool and spa sanitization.

    Our extensive range now extends to cover wooden tubs and hot tubs, Spa Baths, Portable Spas, Inbuilt Spas and even “Inground” and “Aboveground” pools.

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