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    Ukko Tub in Melbourne CBD!

    Watch this video now! This shows one of the advantages of Ukko hot tub – you can get it (and we mean literally) to anywhere you want. Even on to the top of your house! This is a very unique tub as it blends along with the ECO construction building using only environmentally friendly materials.
    Construction site
    This is the site and the tub must go on to the top of the building…
    It was a very challenging task for all. And not only because we had to get the whole tub up but also due to the weather. It was heavy raining and the tub got wet.
    Ukko Tub parts
    Tub parts delivered (all wet) & ready to go upstairs…
    We had only few hours left to install the tub as we had to drive back to Sydney. And we did come up with pretty good idea on how to get everything up very quick:
    Ukko Tub Solution
    One person stood on each level to pass on tub components…

    And the result is – tub installed on time!

    Assembled Ukko Tub
    Tub is assembled!