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    Ukko UK1515E sauna installed in Blue Mountains, NSW

    The sauna was installed on deck veranda with pre-tiled floor. This article explains how to install UK1515E sauna.


    Before assembling your sauna, please read instructions provided carefully. Your sauna is made of pre-built elements and sections and has been designed for easy assembly.

    All Ukko Panel Saunas have air circulation inside the sauna room with air intake cut in the base frame and with the exhaust valve in one of the ceiling elements.

    Unpack your sauna and take out all the parts. Check all sauna parts against the supplied packing slip. Some trim peaces may be longer than required therefore they must be cut in the right length during the assembly. Panels, trim, screws and nails are supplied.

    Make sure the installation base for the sauna cabin is properly leveled. 

    • Hammer or pin nailer
    • Screwdriver
    • Tape measure
    • Builders square
    • Level
    • Hand saw
    • Step ladder

    Step 1 – Base Frame Installation:

    There are 4 base frame sections that come with UK1515E model.

    Place the sections on the floor to match them together as shown on the picture below.

    The numbers on each end of the frame base sections should match. Use 30mm screws to connect all frame sections together. Make sure that all corners are straight angled (90 degrees). Correct the corners if necessary. Check that the base frame is properly leveled using a spirit level. When complete measure diagonals to ensure they are equal.

    Diagram 1 – Base frame connection:


    Wall elements are marked with letters and numbers showing direction. Have someone hold the first panel in place and then put the other panel on the base frame so these two panels make up each corner. Screw wall elements with screws provided (70mm)

    Make sure that wall elements are placed as shown on the markings facing “UP”

    In this particular installation we started from the back wall section marked “B1”. This is due to the fact that it is attached to the house wall. We moved the base frame forward to give access behind the sauna for connecting all the walls together.

    After place “B1” wall element on to the base frame, we attached “A1” and “C1” side walls to make corners with “B1”.

    Once all three wall elements were in place, we screwed them together with 70mm screws supplied.

    After connecting “A1”, “C1” elements to “B1”, we continued with the second layer of walls marked “B2”, “A2” and “C2” securing them together with 70mm screws provided. 

    Well now it is the time to move installed base frame with attached walls back to position. Before doing so, we’ve nailed sauna outside corner moldings so we do not need to move the sauna later on again.

    Then, we’ve installed “D1”, “Door” and “E1” elements.

    Now to have a bit of relaxing after hard work, we’ve placed door handle.

    And door covers and last two corners to give the sauna nicer look and finish.


    There are two ceiling sections supplied with UK1515E. Lift the ceiling section on to its place. One person should be inside the sauna and one outside. Feed the ceiling section over the top of the walls being very careful not to scratch the panels. Make sure that the ceiling sections fit on the top of the wall elements. Check that the T&G joints between the ceiling sections are fastened properly to each other. Once in place, fix the ceiling sections to the wall elements with 70mm screws. The section with the cut out for the air exhaust must be placed on the other side from the air intake cut on the base frame.


    The benches are positioned with the upper bench against the back wall of the sauna and the lower bench parallel to it. There are bench support boards:
    • [L] 280mm – lower bench supports
    • [L] 730mm – upper bench supports


    Upper frame elements measure 28x88mm. Mount the upper frame on the floor and then lift it to the top of the sauna. Fasten upper frame with eccentrics and eccentrics bolt/studs (two for each joint as shown below):

    Now that the cabin is installed all is left is to connect your heater and light fitting, place heater guard rail around the heater and place supplied wooden duck board on the floor.

    Always use certified electrician to do all the wiring and connections.

    That’s it. Enjoy your sauna.

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