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    Ukko Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tubs
    These tubs are made out of 1.2m high Cedar staves and supplied complete with wood fired heater, small circulation pump with filter to keep water clear. Air massage jets with stronger pump can be integrated in to the system.

    Tub with just wood fired heater (no circulation pump and filter) can be supplied too. Tub in this setup must be drained after each use since thermosifon affect is not enough to filter water in the tub.

    Advantages of using external vs. submersible wood fired heater:

    • Submersible heater takes about 1/3 of the tub space
    • You can enjoy your tub even with lower water levels
    • Insulating tub cover with child proof locks can be used with external heater (less heat loss over period of time)
    • Easier temperature control
    • Ukko external wood fired heater produces less smoke
    These tubs are ideal for properties where wood is avaliable in abundance and not much power. Small circulation pump supplied draws maximum 300W and can be connected to a normal 10Amp power supply.

    Tubs using wood fired heaters are one of the fastest way to heat – it takes about 2-4hrs depending on the initial water temperature and tub size.

    These wood fired tubs come complete with chimney, chimney cap, connection kit and all plumbing. All heaters are designed specifically for hot tubs and above ground pools.     All Ukko wood fired heaters are made of Stainless Steel for outdoor usage and will bring you, your family and friends years of tub enjoyment.

    Prices start from $11,990. (Starting price is for 1.4m dia tub with filtration system but without jets. Please add extra $770 for every next size up.)

    Contact us for pricing if you require this tub with jets.

    If you have plenty of wood in your property, this is the most economical way to heat your tub water. It’s natural, quiet and very simple to operate.

    Heater sizes:

    • Small heater: 10kW/h; 35000 max. output
    • Medium heater: 16kW/h; 55000 max. output
    • Large heater: 30kW/h; 100000 BTU max. output
    The wood fired tub heater comes complete with temperature gauge, pressure valve, drain assembly, 2m high stainless steel chimney with rain cap and connection kit.

    Standard tub sizes:

    • 1.4m diameter at 1.2m height – 4 person tub
    • 1.6m diameter at 1.2m height – 6 person tub
    • 1.8m diameter at 1.2m height – 8 person tub
    • 2.1m diameter at 1.2m height – 10 person tub
    You can also have the tub at 900mm height.

    Note: As a manufacturer, we can make your tub to fit in to your space by simply adding or removing few staves. Please contact us if you require your tub to be of different size to the ones above.

    Standard Package Includes:

    • Pre-assembled floor with pressure treated joists
    • 38mm thick Cedar Staves @ 1.2m height
    • 3 x 304L grade stainless steel straps with rods and couplings
    • Hexangular bi-level hand finished cedar seats with step-down
    • 99mm thick Marine grade vinyl cover with childproof locks and aluminium support brace
    • Bottom suction with return assembly
    • Wood fired heater with chimney, chimney cap
    • Circulation pump with filter and cartridge
    • All plumbing including PVC piping, valves, connections
    • Complete chemical free water purifier starter kit
    • 12 month warranty on the tub and 12 month warrantee on parts
    • Assembly manuals and instructions (DIY, level of difficulty 9/10)

    Optional Extras:

    • Ozonator with Mazzei Venturi: $695
    • UV lamp assembly: $1,100
    • Make Ozonator ready: $299
    • Make UV ready: $159
    • Adjustable commercial hydro massage jets with variable speed pump incl. controls and all extra plumbing: Contact us for pricing.
    • Cedar shelving around the tub: $1,100
    • Cedar equipment enclosure: $1,350
    • Custom made Cedar stairs (3 steps): $1,190

    Not sure about this product? Have a question?

    Contact us – We are happy to help!