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    What is Spa Ionizer?

    Hot Tub Spa Ionizer with three elements
    Ukko Hot Tub Spa Ionizer with three elements
    The ionizer electrodes have a small DC voltage applied to them which forces copper, silver, and zinc ions to pass from one electrode to the other.  The ions are caught up in the water as water passes between the electrodes.  The silver ions attack and kill any bacteria or viruses in your spa. The Copper ions kill algae and the Zink ions destroy body fat which are the main reason that the water in most spas does not sparkle.

    What is different about a Ukko Ionizer?

    The electrodes are made of a custom made copper, silver, and zinc alloy designed for water treatment and are four times larger than most spa ionizers so our electrodes last longer and the replacement electrodes are a better value. Other ionizers use just copper only, or  just copper and silver, which is not as effective as our three metal electrodes. All our hot tubs come Ionizer ready so if you decide to get one later on, there’s no need to re-plumb your tub!