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    Wood fired hot tub installed in Gundaroo, NSW

    Ukko wood fired hot tub
    Wood fired hot tub with 2 speed pump and air jets
    Last week-end we’ve driven to one of the small historic and magnificent places on the border of ACT and NSW – Gundaroo. The reason we came there, as you probably already guessed from the title of this blog, is to install our 4 person tub with wood fired heater.
    Ukko tub jets in work
    Hot Tub pump switched to Hi speed to run the jets with bubbles
    The tub was supplied with our own designed air control box with timer to run a two speed pump instead of usual single speed unit. The main advantage of this system is that when your tub is on filtration (auto mode – on timer), it will run at a lower speed using only about 300Watts of power. You use Hi speed mode only for jets (takes about 1.5kW). And single speed pump is always using 1.5kW for filtration and jets. The house we’ve installed our hot tub in is very Eco efficient and runs on Solar panels so this is an ideal solution for the owners. On the way back, we stopped by the place to start the tub with the owner and see how it all works and make sure we did it right :).
    Wood fired Ukko hot tub on standby...
    Tub is ready to go…
    We filled the tub with water from massive rain water tank that is on the property:
    Filling the tub
    Tub is half way through to be filled with water…
    And the moment of truth – starting the wood fired Cedar hot tub heater:
    Starting wood fired heater
    Nice and warm fire radiating heat in to the tub water
    It was very cold, windy and raining. Water was only about 6 degrees when we started the fire. In about an hour, we’ve got the temperature up to about 10 degrees:
    Water temp is 10 degrees
    Water temperature 10 degrees
    Two more hours, few apple ciders (too bad we did not have vodka :)) and the water went up to 20:
    Water at 20 degrees
    Water is up to 20 degrees
    Then it was time for us to leave and the last we’ve heard from Matt, the owner, it went to 37 when they tried it. One last picture we’ve managed to get on the way back is a beautiful rainbow above the land (which we assumed was a good sign that the tub is working properly and we can go back home):
    Rain cleared up a bit and we saw a rainbow…

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